Program Shear’Ree, conceived in 1979, was introduced in Los Angeles, California in 1980. Program Shear’Ree has since grown, with its World Headquarters located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and offices in Anaheim Hills, California; Cleveland, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio and Orlando, Florida.

The primary function of Program Shear’Ree is to rehabilitate and redirect troubled adults and children to a positive lifestyle through a hands-on approach.

The program is designed to accommodate people in all walks of life and is tailored to individual concerns and circumstances.

Some of the basic areas Program Shear’Ree covers:

Attitude & Character

Anger Management
Organization and Time Management
Goal Setting and Planning

Vocational Interests
Value of Work

Household Management
Value of Family Living

We encourage all members to involve themselves in some form of recreation, including our own in-house sports. This part of the program builds a positive “competitive character” which teaches competition without violence.


We recognize the importance of education and promote schooling and lifelong learning.

In summary, Program Shear’Ree covers all areas of life–employment, housing, financial, personal and business–to help people live successfully and become assets to our society.

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