A No Nonsense, World Renowned Weightlifter, Speaker, Strength Training Coach, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Economic Developer, to Presidential Candidate.

Many of you may have already heard of Shear’Ree. He has been written up by many major newspapers, and magazines, and been the guest on many major network talk shows, throughout the nation. The articles, and show topics, were centered on his true dedication for the “betterment of others” and “building strong communities”, with Employment, Recreation and Education.

Shear’Ree’s sincerity, is backed, by a long list of Humanitarian credits, documented throughout his life. Shear’Ree has toured the nation’s school districts, twice, enlightening our young people, especially, children, helping them make something of themselves, by setting goals, and making the plans to achieve them.

Shear’Ree works with disadvantaged people, welfare recipients, gangs, ex-gang members, and, so called, incorrigible youths, to help them achieve, a more positive life style.

Shear’Ree is unquestionably, dedicated, to building a Stronger America.

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