1. Note: Due to the nature of the SWRP, all sales of the SWRP will be considered and agreed as Final Sales, no returns or refunds.
  2. You will receive an email with the acknowledgment of your purchase of the SWRP, and followed by a “Certificate of Assurance” mailed to your shipping address. You will also be notified when your SWRP is sent.
  3. You may “Register your SWRP” after you have received it by clicking the “Register your SWRP” button on the Home page. Registration is Worldwide. Registering your SWRP has many benefits. Here is just a few; A: If you insure the SWRP, you have a record of ownership. B: Someone looking for a certain color or number that you own. C: Should you auction, or put it up for sale, you can transfer the “Record of Registration” giving your buyer assurance that they are the new owners of that SWRP.
  4. The registration process is very simple and consist of the following: a: name b: email c: swrp color d: swrp number
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