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A Never-Before-Offered, A Unique Collectable Piece of Valued History, is up for Auction;
Shear’Ree Original Weightlifting Belt.

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SHEAR’REE Biography

A No Nonsense, World Renowned Weightlifter, Speaker, Strength Training Coach, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Economic Developer, to Presidential Candidate.

Many of you may have already heard of Shear’Ree. He has been written up by many major newspapers, and magazines, and been the guest on many major network talk shows, throughout the nation. The articles, and show topics, were centered on his true dedication for the “betterment of others” and “building strong communities”, with Employment, Recreation and Education.

Shear’Ree’s sincerity, is backed, by a long list of Humanitarian credits, documented throughout his life. Shear’Ree has toured the nation’s school districts, twice, enlightening our young people, especially, children, helping them make something of themselves, by setting goals, and making the plans to achieve them.

Shear’Ree works with disadvantaged people, welfare recipients, gangs, ex-gang members, and, so called, incorrigible youths, to help them achieve, a more positive life style.

Shear’Ree is unquestionably, dedicated, to building a Stronger America.



A Never-Before-Offered, A Unique Collectable Piece of Valued History, is up for Auction. The Original Weightlifting Belt, worn by Shear’Ree, when he became, the First Man, “Period”, to break the 700lb Bench Press Barrier, of Bench Pressing over 700lbs. His World Record, of a 700.9lb Bench Press, and being the “First Man Period” to Bench Press 700 Plus LBS, is an astounding Double-Titled Record to hold, especially, in one setting. And, Becoming, the Proud Owner, of this Unique piece of History, will be the envy, of all Collectors, and Investors… Worldwide.

Introductory Offer

INVEST IN A PIECE OF HISTORY – For You, Your Children, Your Grandchildren, Your Family. Take pride in owning a piece of Never-Before-Offered, Unique-Collectable, Piece-of-Valued-History, to display, in Your Home, Your Office, Your Place of Business.

“Shear’Ree World Record Plaques” (SWRP) come in three different productions; Colored Edition (Six Colors), Special Edition (One Color), Family Edition (Five Neon Colors), and are all Numbered, in a Three-Phased-Sequential-Numbering-Format (Faceplate, News Article, and Validation Sticker). This format, and registration process, will help hold, and further the value, of each, and every SWRP purchased.

“Colored Edition SWRP” are numbered from 000001 to 999999 for each color. “Special Edition SWRP” is limited to production, of only seven hundred and nine (709) SWRP’s. The numbering on the “Special Edition SWRP” will be 001.0 to 699.0 to 700.0  to 700.9. Special Edition SWRP numbers; 700.0 to 700.9 will only be available at auction. “Family Edition SWRP” are numbered from 001 to 045 for each neon color and are only available at auction.

The Introduction price of the Colored Edition SWRP are only $199.95, plus S&H – A $200 savings
The “Special Edition” SWRP numbered from 001.0 to 699.0 are offered at $2,495.00, plus S&H.
The Special Edition SWRP numbered from 700.0  to 700.9 is available at auction, with a starting bid of $5,000.00.
The Family Edition SWRP’s are only available at Auction. The starting bid is; $450.

Don’t delay, get your order in now, on the color of your choice, on any one of the Colored Edition SWRP or the Special Edition SWRP (limited production) or place your “BID” on one of the of the ten, seven hundred numbered Special Edition SWRP or one of the five neon colored Family Edition SWRP – before they are all gone.

After all, What better gift can you give yourself, or, to someone who has everything, and especially, those hard to please individuals in your life.

All Family Edition SWRP’s are Auction Only

Special Edition SWRP’s numbered from 001.0 to 699.0 are offered for sale. Special Edition SWRP’s numbered from 700.0 to 700.9 are Auction Only

Invest in a piece of history

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