Shear'Ree Career History

Shear’Ree is dedicated to “Building Stronger Communities” through Program Shear’Ree, which has been in existence since 1980. – Dates don’t lie!
Shear’Ree said lifting started as a hobby only to grow into a full-fledged occupation. “Lifting is like any other sport. You have to be very disciplined.”
The 32 years old Shear’Ree works out daily to lower his quest.


Moved to California

Shear'Ree grew up in Cleveland, moved to California in 1977, and had a long association with powerlifting.


First Man To Bench Press

The first man to bench press 700 lbs and over 700 lbs period! November 15, 1982. Shear'Ree holds the official record at 700.9 pounds.


Program Shear'Ree

Shear’Ree Program provides Employment, Recreation, and Education.


Lift 800 Pounds

In June 1985, he tried lifting 800 pounds. He holds the won unofficially, credited with a lift of 750 pounds.

Shear'Ree History

Shear’Ree Will Power

Joe Williams in 1972: Shear'Ree said as he broke the heaviest recorded massive frame, "I plan a record of 675 pounds lifted in a chair at a local Nautilus."


Shear'Ree hopes to do power also acquiring in many with all this strength and power forms. Sometimes it's inherited. "In effect, become the world's strongest human - at least sometimes, it comes with the terrains of weightlifting."

Started as a Hobby

I started weightlifting as a hobby, only to grow into a full-fledged occupation. "Lifting is like any other sport. You have to be very disciplined."

Fascinated to Success

On November 28 at a car dealership, achieved through perseverance in Orange County. Shear'Ree, ever since he attempted to set a world record when he was a kid, has always been upline 700lbs. That's right, 700lbs possessed the idea of power pounds. "I've always been intrigued by success."